Love is a brand-new bicycle!

The San Diego Armed Services YMCA Bike Free Valentine’s Day bike giveaway was a great success! 

Brittany Catton of the San Diego Armed Services YMCA put together a great party with cookie decorating, Valentine making, karaoke, raffle prizes, and the Bike Free bicycle giveaway to kids of our military families.

Bike Free gave away brand-new Raleigh bikes and helmets to children of our lower-ranking servicemen who are on multiple deployments. 

One boy’s father is on his fourth tour.  The Navy man hasn’t been home for more than a few months since his son was three years old – and his child is now 7. 

Adam and I are grateful to Brittany Catton for helping us find these great kids who really needed a bicycle.  Thank you!   Thank you Bikes for Goodness Sake for helping us get the bikes from Raleigh!  Thank you Raleigh for your support of Bike Free!  Thank you Bicycle Warehouse for storing and assembling the bikes! 

And, most importantly, thank you to our armed service members.  We hope you’ll be home soon to go bike-riding with your kids.

What a great day!  Full of smiles and laughter and fun and joy!  What great kids!  This was the best Valentine’s Day ever!

Check out the Bike Free Photo Gallery for more photos!

Stay tuned!  More bike giveaways on the way!

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