Welcome to Bike Free

Bike Free, our non-profit organization, was created by us — two guys far too old to be called ‘kids’, but not too old to forget what it’s like to be one.

Our vision is to share the joy and freedom a bicycle brings to kids who need a good bike ride.

With our country’s continued involvement in the Middle East and Afghanistan, we wanted to do something for our military families as well.

Through Bike Free, we are able to accomplish both.  It’s hard enough growing up, and the added stress of having a parent whose job is defending our country, is tremendous.  By providing bikes to as many kids as we can, we hope to bring just a little bit of the freedom, hope, fun and joy that riding a bike gives. With the help of the USO to find the families, and the support of groups like the Rotary Club, we are excited at the potential we have to bring big smiles, healthy hearts, and strong legs to kids now, and in the future!

Thanks for your support and donations,

Paul and Adam




Dinner for 6 with Roy Yamaguchi

Enjoy an exclusive and spectacular four-course custom menu dinner for 6 with world-renowned Chef Roy Yamaguchi at the Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion Restaurant of your choosing! Starting bid is $500 with proceeds to benefit Bike FreeClick here to make your bid today!

* Valid at all mainland Roy’s (except Pebble Beach).  Choose from locations in Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Nevada, or Texas!  Not valid at Roy’s in Hawaii. 

* Date and time of dinner must be mutually convenient and must be set up at least 3 months in advance.

* Includes wine pairing, excludes gratuity.

This delicious and memorable dinner for 6 with Roy Yamaguchi benefits Bike Free‘s mission of getting bikes to the kids of our military families!

Make your bid today and help get bikes to the kids! 

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Bike Giveaway in Chicago!


Bike Free bike giveaway tomorrow, April 29th, during USO Carnival Chicago!

Although Adam and I are not able to attend, we’re proud that Bike Free is part of USO Illinois’ special event for 1,000 active-duty National Guard soldiers and their families.  The great people at the USO said they’ll be taking lots of photos and we’ll share them with you soon!

Thank you to Jim Michael, Alison Ruble, and Jennifer of USO Illinois, Mark Smith of Bikes for Goodness Sakes, and Raleigh Bikes for all your help and support!

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San Diego Bike Giveaway

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Love is a brand-new bicycle!

The San Diego Armed Services YMCA Bike Free Valentine’s Day bike giveaway was a great success! 

Brittany Catton of the San Diego Armed Services YMCA put together a great party with cookie decorating, Valentine making, karaoke, raffle prizes, and the Bike Free bicycle giveaway to kids of our military families.

Bike Free gave away brand-new Raleigh bikes and helmets to children of our lower-ranking servicemen who are on multiple deployments. 

One boy’s father is on his fourth tour.  The Navy man hasn’t been home for more than a few months since his son was three years old – and his child is now 7. 

Adam and I are grateful to Brittany Catton for helping us find these great kids who really needed a bicycle.  Thank you!   Thank you Bikes for Goodness Sake for helping us get the bikes from Raleigh!  Thank you Raleigh for your support of Bike Free!  Thank you Bicycle Warehouse for storing and assembling the bikes! 

And, most importantly, thank you to our armed service members.  We hope you’ll be home soon to go bike-riding with your kids.

What a great day!  Full of smiles and laughter and fun and joy!  What great kids!  This was the best Valentine’s Day ever!

Check out the Bike Free Photo Gallery for more photos!

Stay tuned!  More bike giveaways on the way!

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February 14 – Bike Giveaway at Armed Forces YMCA Valentine’s Day Party

BikeFree is kicking off its bike giveaway to military kids on February 14 in San Diego!

Thank you to the San Diego Armed Forces YMCA!

WHAT: San Diego Armed Services YMCA Valentine’s Day Party for Families of Deployed Military

WHEN: Monday, February 14th, 1-3 pm

WHERE: Murphy Canyon Chapel at 3200 Santo Road in San Diego

If your spouse is deployed, you and your children are invited! There’ll be kids’ entertainment, crafts, refreshments, desserts, fun AND a BikeFree bike and helmet raffle for military kids, ages 6-9! There will also be a special raffle for each particpant who is wearing pink or red!

Please click here if you plan on coming, so we know how to plan for food and we can send you a reminder email! For more information, call 858-751-5755.

More bike giveaways will be held in Chicago, Milwaukee, Akron, Fort Wayne, and Baltimore in May during National Bike Month, so stay tuned!

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